Film is starting to get expensive!

Me in my PJ’s developing film in my bathroom

Since I started shooting film, I’ve managed to spend a lot of money at photography stores. Each roll of film can cost up to $30 to develop the film, scan the film, and then put all the photos on a CD for me to take home and view on my computer (or in some cases, print each photo at a small cost for each print). This starts to rack up as I try to shoot more rolls of film, so I decided try my hand at developing film myself in my bathroom.

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It’s Friyay!

It’s Friday, meaning that this is the last day of camp for our WordPressers here at EdMo Pro. I know I had a blast this week, and I think my campers did too. But instead of telling you how I think they feel, I want them to speak for themselves. The following video, featuring our class mascot, M.C. Arcie, shows what they had to say:

As you can tell, they really got involved with the curriculum this week, and I think it shows on their blogs. Feel free to check out each of their blogs! Links are in the video.

Warriors Game 3 @ City Hall

In the final minutes of the 4th quarter of game 3 vs. the Cavaliers, fans at City Hall rejoice as Kevin Durant hits a smashing 3 pointer to regain the lead for the Warriors.

Yesterday after camp, I went to City Hall to watch game 3 of the Warriors vs. Cavaliers, and boy what an experience that was. Being from Los Angeles, a city so wide-spread that most people have cars, I rarely get to engage in a social activity where people come together in a public place for one reason. And, since my brother gave me his old Digital camera since my digital camera recently broke, I thought it would be a great opportunity to shoot some digital photos again.  Continue reading “Warriors Game 3 @ City Hall”

Day 2

Photo on 6-5-17 at 11.36 AM
My Golden Nyan Cows

After an amazing first day of class, the Golden Nyan Cows Farting Way More Raynbows have all got their own blogs up and running! From food, to movies, to art, we have quite the varied group here at Camp Edmo Pro. I can’t wait to share my passions more with them as we continue to build our blog. If you have any suggestions as to what they might work on for a final project, feel free to leave a comment and let me know!


Night i

It is the night before the first day of camp, and the butterflies are having a party in my stomach. But I’m also SUPER  excited for camp to start because it’s going to be so fun! I can’t wait to meet my pro campers! 

Scanning analog photos digitally

Since I started playing with analog photography a few weeks ago, I have completed a handful of rolls. I’ve posted a few shots that I’m proud of here. You might notice a difference in how the pictures look. That’s because I used to be taking photos of printed shots with my phone, but then I realized you could have them scanned onto a CD or USB drive instead of having the printed. The downside of course is not getting those cool physical prints that you can hold and frame or whatnot, but the upside is that this is actually a bit more affordable. I know, right? Here are a few more digital scans from a few of my finished rolls of film!